Sept 16: Women As Powerful Change-Makers: Elevating Our Voices and Making an Impactful Difference

  • Are you constantly needing to fight or push in order to be heard – all this for no real shift or buy-in from the “opposite side”? Is your anger “getting in the way” and not serving its true purpose to create change?
  • Are you tired of rants or endless debates that go nowhere and wondering how to be a more effective advocate?
  • Do you find yourself exhausted, burnt-out, or discouraged with the current political situation while trying to make the change you are longing for?

If you responded YES to any or all of these, come and join us for a transformative day among women to recharge, get (re)inspired and more importantly learn how to channel your emotions into powerful words and actions.


This workshop is designed by and for women who identify as change-makers or activists, aware of the privileges in themselves and power differentials in our community and who are searching for new ways to be a part of the broader movement for change.

It is ideal for anyone working in NGOs, human/women/social rights, education, healthcare … anywhere where you want to create impactful change where the voices of the few are better heard by the many.

… It’s for YOU if you want to channel the real frustration, anger and disappointment into creative and transforming force that has a better chance to be heard

… It’s for YOU if you are ready to transform and contribute to social justice out of CARE and recapture powerful but wasted energy that goes into shame, blame, judging, etc..

…. It’s for YOU if you believe that a CARE CULTURE is greater chance for transformation than THREATENING or CONDEMNING CULTURE

… It’s for YOU if you know that your voice and the voices of others who are experiencing the wide array of intersectional oppression are so needed and you want to learn how to better advocate for yourself and elevate others voice as ally.


We believe in and envision a world where women raise their power to bring about deep social change that cares for everyone while holding truths around deep systemic power differentials and implicit or explicit privileges and biases.   For this one-day workshop, we focus on women (*see note below) as one aspect (of many) of the rising power that is needed to re-balance a world that works for everyone.

Integrating years of nonviolent and collaborative communication, interpersonal neurobiology and brain science, empowerment coaching, restorative justice and practical experiences in the fields of women’s rights and social justice, the two facilitators, Mali Parke and Leora Ward will co-create with you a day of group sharing and exploration, inner resourcing, and skills building.

As facilitators, we are on our own journey and long to support other women through their own internal processes of shedding ignorance, mourning deep systemic imbalances and becoming more aware and capable in healing historical, societal and intergenerational trauma so that in turn they can support others through their own journeys.

We believe nonviolent resistance and language is the most transforming approach to create lasting change and offer you a day both of peer support and reflection as well as new skills exploration.


– You’ll learn how to find strength and sustained energy to stand true to yourself in the face of the enormity of the systemic changes you are looking for, or while experiencing hesitation, discouragement, anger, frustration or anxiety.

– You’ll learn a practice to identify and clarify your own and the collective motivations or underlying human needs at play under any emotions and word or action. This practice will deeply anchor your resolve and voice into powerful truths and turn your “No”s into powerful “Yes” that can be better heard by others without losing their strength.

– You’ll learn both the neuroscience behind and get to experience the journey of our own nervous and collective systems when faced with a sense of “wrongness” that comes in the forms of an un-met value or deep human need.

– Most importantly, you’ll learn personal and systemic communication skills so that you can be a fierce AND caring activist who can be an effective part of the change to end all forms of oppression and discrimination.


*While we value and long to work with everyone beyond gender definition and identification, we intend to create a special experience for those identifying as women to offer a space that caters to the unique reality of being a women voice in the world of today. We fully acknowledge other sections of power differentials and historical/societal oppression and for this specific day choose to focus only on “women”. We work on increasing our own and others’ own awareness and transforamtion of  privileges and implicit biases. Our intention is to include the wide variety of experiences and truths that will be present that day.

Please inquire with Mali or Leora about tuition relief and support if needed. We really value sharing this work beyond obstacles.