NVC Dialogue on Social Justice

For anyone who currently is feeling lots of emotions related to the unfoldings in Ferguson and to the larger topics, see below an info on a free call by NVC Academy. I have personally met all of the facilitators of this call and have been inspired by their commitment to diversity and power sharing approach to life.

“The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri have engendered strong feelings in so many of us. To give people a chance to participate in a frank and open discussion, listen and be heard, the NVC Academy is hosting a dialogue this
Friday from 11am-12:30pm Pacific Time.

Jim Manske will facilitate the discussion and will be joined by Dian Killian, Roxy Manning, Marina Smerling and possibly Jiva Manske (who is the Deputy Director for USA Amnesty International). Everyone is welcome to attend, listen, or join in the dialogue.

Find out more about this conversation by clicking the link below: