Mali’s Interview on “Healing Conflict In our Families” on the Free “Heart of Healing” Parenting Conference by Consciously Parenting

I was honored to be interviewed by Rebecca Thompson of Consciously Parenting as part of several speakers interviews for her “Heart of Healing” conference.

Rebecca and I talked about approaches to ‘conflicts’, how empathic connection can support us (first!) and our connection to our children to find out what’s at the heart of the matter, and I quickly introduced some of the restorative questions to find solutions that work for everyone.

Here are some of the speakers and interview topics in this exciting free virtual conference:

  • Carrie Contey: Healing the Family: Unjumbling the Yarnball of Parenting
  • Bhagavan Bauer:  Healing the Joy in Parenting: Simple Ways to Find Joy, Presence, and Connection
  • Charan Surdhar: Healing Deep Into Our Cells: Epigenetics and Parenting
  •  Sharon King: Healing with Matrix Birth Reimprinting
  •  Tracie Nichols: Healing in Nature
  •  Christy Farr: Healing Your Physical Space
  •  Sally Flintoff: Healing Through Breath
  •  Carmine Leo: Healing Through Emotional Intelligence
  • Lori Shayew: Healing in Special Circumstances: The Gifts of Autism
  • Judith Simon Prager: Healing our Words, Empowering Our Kids
  •  Patrick Houser: Healing our Dads: Journey into Parenthood
  •  Mali Parke: Healing Conflicts Within our Families

 You can listen to all interviews for free from Wednesday February 25th to March 2nd or buy them or 50% discount ($25). They will be available afterwards at $50 for all recordings.

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