FREE Call with Francois Beausoleil on “Living in the Blame-Free State”

francois beausoleilI am excited at supporting Francois Beausoleil, CNVC trainer and one of my own teachers from the BayNVC North American Leadership Program these past few years, to come to DC to present his unique approach to “Living in the Blame-Free State” with the release of his new ebook “Blame-Free State”.

Join us on this FREE Call Tuesday, February 24, to experience first-hand his process to transform blame. He will walk one volunteer “live” on the call.

Click HERE to register to the call, Feb. 24th, 8pm EST.

And if you are in or around DC, consider joining us for his upcoming two-day intensive  The-Blame-Free-State Two-Day Intensive that  he will lead in Washington DC, March 28-29th. (early bird registration ends on Feb. 25th)

I will leave you with Francois’ own words:

“Hello everyone. A few months ago I had a very vivid and impactful dream; I was taking a long walk with Marshall in the area where I lived when I was young. He wanted to talk to me.
I don’t remember the words, but I’m clear on what was the essence of the conversation: “What are you going to do to bring more NVC in the world?

Here is the answer: The Blame-Free State Project.

Directly inspired by Marshall and others connected to the movement of Nonviolence, The Blame-Free State Project is my life’s work and what I hope will be an important contribution to the world.

In service and gratitude,
Francois Beausoleil
CNVC Certified Trainer”

p.s. Everyone who registers to the call will receive the Blame-Free State e-book.

p.p.s Just email Francois if you want more information on other upcoming Blame-Free State Intensives:
Holland: April 11th-12th, 2015
Turkey: April 18-19th, 2015
Poland: May 30th-31st, 2015
Nashville: March 5-6th, 2016