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11539690_10155702031595431_5523556532425579743_nMali Guitteny Parke
Peace Circle Center Founder & Principal Consultant
Coach, Facilitator and Trainer

Mali is an ICF Certified Professional Coach,  a facilitator and trainer in Collaborative Communication/Dialogue and Leadership, Inner Empowerment/Self-Esteem, Conflict Resolution/Transformation, Restorative Practices, Mediation, Nonviolence, Mindfulness, Peace Education and Trauma-Informed Attachment Healing.

Her approaches come from integrating years of studies in Nonviolent Communication (NVC),  Restorative Practices/Justice, Family/System Constellations,  Positive and Conscious Discipline to parents/educators/youth, Leadership Coaching, Mindfulness and her love of any brain science topics, Attachment Theory and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Mali supports individuals, (ex)partners, families and groups to find collaborative and restorative relating within and with others – in person or virtually through her private Core To Coeur (Heart in French) practice.  See her in-depth offerings at www.core2coeur.com.

For the other part of the week, Mali works along Tarek Maassarani and other team members on the Restorative DC project (previously DC Alliance for Restorative Practices) to bring Restorative Practices to DC public schools educators and youth since 2015.

Mali believes in the “Beloved Community” being the framework and “attachment village” for supporting ourselves and all generations. She co-organizes The Peace Circle community events year-round in the DC area including annual camping trips in the Spring and late Summer.  She is also a co-host/organizer/trainer of the annual NVC Family Summer camp: Family HEART Camp West Virginia.

Mali lives with her two life-teachers, her children, in Washington, D.C. during the school year and in her native land of France for a part of the Summer.  Mali is fluent in French and English.

Trainings / Certifications

  • Family & System Constellations Facilitator Training – 2017
    • Integrated with Interpersonal Neurobiology, NVC and Attachment Theory with Sarah Peyton (www.empathybrain.com) – Year-Long 2016-2017
    • Completed Advanced Training with Elena Veselago (8 days) – 2016
  • Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator – 2015
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainings over 500h+ – Since 2007
  • Restorative Justice Trainings:
    • Restorative Circles trainings with Dominic Barter – 2012-2013
    • International Institute of Restorative Practices (IRRP) Training – 2015
    • Graduate of Advanced Training in Peacemaking Circles  with Kay Pranis, co-author of Circle Forward and Circles of Hope– 2013
  • Mentor Training program with Journey of Young Women – 2013
  • ICF Certified Professional Coach – Leadership That Works, NY – 2011
  • Conscious Discipline training with Becky Bailey – 2009
  • Master in Economics and Management from Sorbonne University – 1999, Paris, France – with over 15+ years of business, sales, communication and marketing expertise and work in the telecommunication, financial, non-profit and educational fields.

Tarek Maassarani,
Peace Circle Center Collaborator

Tarek Maassarani brings to the Peace Circle Center expertise in designing and implementing a variety of deep group learning and reconciliation processes for educators, youth workers, and youth, with practices of Nonviolent Communication, Mediation, Restorative Justice and Dialogue.
Tarek is continually supported in his growth and learning by the experience of being a father, belonging to a multi-cultural family, and living in an intergenerational, family-inclusive intentional community.
His professional experience includes training and mentoring parents and teachers; establishing restorative justice programs within schools and juvenile justice systems; developing and carrying out peace education programs for schools and youth organizations; facilitating youth conferences and inter-group dialogues; mediating community conflicts; and managing gang intervention and youth development programs.
His clients include the DC and Montgomery County public school systems, and a variety of private schools and nonprofit organizations.  He has worked with primary and secondary school educators and youth in the United States, southern and eastern Africa, Sri Lanka, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Nepal.
Tarek has taught undergraduate, graduate, and professional development courses in communication and peace building at the American University, George Washington University, Johns Hopkins University, Eastern Mennonite University, University of Maryland, U.S. Institute of Peace, National Peace Academy, and Montgomery College.
Tarek speaks English, German, Spanish, and French.
Peace Circle Center Collaborator
Speaker & Trainer

Ryan has facilitated more than 200 workshops on relationships, parenting, and communication. Ryan is a proud parent of a young woman with “profound” developmental differences. Ryan also studies the bioethics of obstetrics and experimental biophysics as a research professor at Georgetown University, and co-founded Maitri House  an intergenerational intentional community.
Facilitation, public speaking, research, community building, relationship support/counseling, interpersonal communication, emotional processing.

Ryan offers workshops and personal/interpersonal counseling in the local DC/metro area. Contact: ryan@peacecirclecenter.org

More about Ryan McAllister:

Past and Current Workshops

  • Supportive Listening
  • Difficult Conversations in Relationships
  • Toward Constructively Addressing Bias
  • From Power Struggle to Cooperation with Children
  • Being Present with Strong Feelings
  • Playlistening
  • Listening Partnerships
  • Setting Limits Compassionately
  • Communicating Boundaries around Physical Touch
  • Consent Conversations for Caregivers and Healthcare Providers



rhondaeldridgebiopicRhonda Eldridge 
Peace Circle Center Collaborator
CNVC Certified Trainer

Rhonda Eldridge has come to believe that social change cannot take place at a ‘societal’ level because society is made up of individuals. Whatever our history is, whatever we just ate, whatever the temperature is outside, it is all within the same pool of universal needs and feelings. If we can come to each other with that ‘knowing’ and be truly present to the current aliveness in ourselves and in the other, then the fear subsides. If the fear subsides between you and me, then it has a chance to subside between you and the next person, and me and the next person, and so on.

Rhonda has been a core member of the NVC Northern Virginia Practice Group for seven years and a contributing member of Capital NVC Community and a producer of Act Like a GRRRL – NoVa (https://actorsbridge.org/act-like-a-grrrl-nova/)

robin-obrien-portraitRobin O’Brien
Peace Circle Center Collaborator

Robin is a long-time active member of the DC NVC community and more so in the Frederick MD area where she lives with her multi-generational family of eight.  She has been on a deepening NVC journey since 2011 after participating and now being an assistant at both Family HEART Camp VA/WV and the Parent Peer Leadership Program with BayNVC.

Robin also works with NVC Academy as a course coordinator and online support. Robin is passionate about creating social change and harmony through compassion, parenting, and community.  She is especially passionate about work with teenagers and partners with local teens to co-create supportive community.

She offers local trainings focused on parenting, empathy, compassion, and her own interpretation of nonviolent communication.

Leora Ward HeadshotLeora Ward
Peace Circle Center Collaborator

After working for many years in the social justice, women’s empowerment, and humanitarian fields, Leora created Healing in Service to support women who struggle with self-love and balance. Healing in Service offers tailored coaching, workshops and weekend retreats that will bring women into a deep sense of power and freedom. Leora’s approach allows women to come home to themselves, find their voice, and live their desires in the outside world.

Leora’s services are uniquely crafted based on years of NVC study to each person’s needs and use a variety of compassionate communication as well as coaching techniques to bring more calm, stability, and flow into your daily life. Leora is a certified professional life coach through Coaching for Transformation and a graduate of the Bay Area NVC Leadership Program.

For more information or to contact Leora, please visit www.healinginservice.com

IMG_0034Cafini Z
Peace Circle Center Administrative Assistant

Having been a holistic health & life coach and executive/administrative assistant for women entrepreneurs and nonprofits in Washington, DC for the last decade, Cafini is honored to be serving as Mali’s assistant in Core To Coeur as well as the Peace Circle Center. She looks forward to promoting peace and harmonious community relationships in supporting PCC activities and collaborators.

Beyond administrative work, Cafini loves community gardening. You can learn more about her efforts in that regard on her blog: http://mindinthegap.wordpress.com

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