Youth Programs & Circles

Youth Workshop and Conference Facilitation
Tapping Into Youth Potential

Small workshops or large conferences where youth explore their identities and build cross-cultural understanding, as well as develop leadership, communication, critical thinking, and other social skills. Facilitation is highly interactive, eliciting and incorporating youth’s own lived experiences and wisdom through activities, discussions, creative expression, multi-media presentations, and simulations.

• Impacts large number of students
• Channels youth efforts towards inter- group understanding, civic engagement and social responsibility
• Establishes youth networks

Youth Empathic Empowerment Circles
Developing Voices, Truth-Sharing, Empathic Connections to Self and the World

Supporting youths to develop their authentic voices, self-esteem and self-compassion, embrace differences and learn respect and trust with others, find  connection to their contribution, connect with nature/elements/others and take their own place in the world. Includes circles of mentors/parents and rites of passages.

• Supports value sharing through mentor-to-youth relationships
• Enhances self-esteem and respect of self and others
• Youth learn to become contributors and mentors themselves along the years

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