Family/Group Reconciliation, Mediation and Restorative Circle Facilitation


With all of our expertise and trainings in restorative approaches to conflicts, mediation and collaborative communication, we support you in your communication with your current or ex- partner, with any family member, with a group of families or directly with your child/ren using need-based exploration and a multi-partial approach that focuses on increasing connection to deeper and sometimes hidden agendas, establishing or repairing trust through safe and courageous vulnerability and transparency as well as increase empathic connection to each other to find a solution that will work for everyone.

We  support you through various settings:

  • One-on-One Healing Support and Coaching in Pre-Circles (alone or in small group)
  • Full Family Circles
  • Empathic Mediation Between Partners, Co-Parents, Parent and Child/ren
  • Coaching Individually  any parent and/or the whole family towards forming Value-Based Family Agreements
  • Individual Communication Coaching and Support

Connect with us to find out more about our approaches and our tailored solutions to your unique needs and challenges.

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