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Collaborative Communication / Nonviolent Communication Training Sessions

“I recommend this course and Mali… Big YES!” ~ Holley Humphrey, CNVC Certified Trainer, www.empathymagic.com

I feel that the term “Non Violent Communication” is almost too limiting to describe the dynamic nature of this course, and I would almost venture to say it is “Transformative Communication.”  It has transformed the ways I perceive the world, relate to others, and talk to myself.  Mali has helped me to cultivate resources – internal and external – to be “the change that you wish to see in the world.”  I’ve never experienced anything quite like this, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life to have taken this course.  I wish to carry the intentions I’ve nurtured here – dearly in my heart – throughout my life. ” Y.S., 8-week Collaborative Communication series participant, 2014

“Mali and Ryan’s Constructive Communication workshop met my needs for learning, empathy, personal growth, self-connection, community, and self-awareness.  I really enjoyed the exercises where we were able to practice our empathic listening skills and share our empathy guesses.  I would highly recommend attending a future workshop with them as they both have a deep, yet flexible understanding of NVC that permeates the whole workshop experience.” ~ 2013 communication workshop participant

“We just wrapped up a parenting circle and it was powerful! Like one participant so aptly said, “it was worth every dime just to connect with this community!”. Mali has a unique gift of pulling people together and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to sharing and learning with eachother. She also shared skills and concepts that you will be able to implement readily into your parenting. My cup was so FULL after each session! This is not just a parenting class it is a transformative and magical connecting experience. I highly recommend it! “ – Julia M., Winter 2014 “From Power Struggles to Cooperation” participant

“You were wonderfully present and gentle. It felt like a very safe space.” ~ 2011 parenting workshop participant

Mali is offering a really powerful parenting workshop series.  I can’t recommend this workshop series highly enough.” ~ H. P., Peace Circle participant

One-on-One Coaching

My conversations with you, your expertise, empathic listening, and thoughtful suggestions throughout have gotten so much moving for me – and my work – and Alberta NVC community! I’m feeling happily confident in a new way and busy with creative activities… Your consulting and coaching has been instrumental in this ‘transformation.’ I am truly grateful.  Just knowing that someone – you, Mali – is there for me, lovingly scrutinizing and skillfully supporting my NVC business adventure (an important aspect of my current life on this mysterious place called Earth) …this knowing makes a huge positive difference.” ~ Barbara Wiebe, www.ConsciousCommunication.info

“Mali is a  very compassionate and dedicated professional.  Her warmth and heart hold space for the client to dig deep into the self.  She is thoughtful and has a clear intuitive sense.”  ~ Catherine R., graduate gemologist, reiki master, CPC, www.jewelsofthelotus.com

Mali is an intensely sensitive coach with an access to deep insight and wisdom. She is accutely aware of underlying emotions and issues. She deals with her clients with a gentle but guided hand that is inspirational and insightful. Though she is gentle, she is also courageous in her insightful calls to action that are powerful. When working with her, I was moved by the simplicity of our work and the outcome that left me knowing what I thought was complicated was really quite simple and clear.” ~ K. Q., client

On our Trainers

“Mali teaches with passion and compassion, and love. This class helped me better understand and connect with my son, especially in stressful or exhausted moments and when my patience is running thin.. I loved all the support and connecting with other parents looking for a better way to parent. I highly recommend it!” – Roza O.,  parenting series participant

“Mali is warm, welcoming and excelled at making guests feel comfortable and understood (as well as non-judged). I also truly appreciate her recognition of how different families can be from one another.” –  parenting series participant

Mali is a wonderful person and Mom and she is offering a great resource to change the conversations in your family from depleting to fulfilling……. give yourself and your family this gift!” ~ J. M., Peace Circle participant

“I just can’t recommend Mali Parke enough as an amazing coach and Compassionate Communication (also known as Nonviolent Communication or NVC) instructor.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Mali through workshops and a peaceful parenting circle and she truly emanates empathy and compassion.” – Heather P., previous workshops participant

Peace Circle Community Events

“From the moment I arrived at the campsite, I felt welcomed and valued equally with those who were more seasoned members of the group. Never before have I witnessed the sheer volume of sincere giving and truly open-hearted attitudes as I saw over this weekend. I can honestly say that every person I met and spoke with was sensitive and caring, well beyond the simple politeness that most of our society would consider caring.  […]  The amount of autonomy given to the children in their behavior and interactions was truly commendable and inspiring, and resulted in a weekend of play for the children at a level of cooperation and communication rarely seen. […] Thank you for witnessing a way of communicating that is worth exploring further.  Finally, thank you for providing a wonderful getaway in a safe, loving, accepting environment.” ~ Sara M. – Peace Circle Camping Trip 2012 Participant

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