Parent/Educator Learning Circles

Supporting parents, children, youths and whole families towards connection, holding everyone’s needs in the balance and co-creating  value-sharing Family Agreements

Using Nonviolent Communication, Positive Discipline and Restorative Practices approaches, as well as research in neuroscience, mindfulness and attachment theories, we offer practical support and tools to parents wanting more connection, empathic skills to resolve conflicts and guide their child/ren to express themselves in respect of themselves and others. Read more about our approaches here.

Skills include empathic listening, self-responsibility of feelings and needs, trust and connection skills, integrity and authenticity in dialogues, how to make family/group agreements, expand positivity and gratitude, holding pain and grief with compassion and more.


  • Enhances understanding of inner reactions and motivations behind behaviors
  • Increases trust and connection in the bonds between family members, including between siblings
  • Transform power-struggles into active and empowered collaboration
  • Supports easier sharing of the family’s values
  • Impacts the whole family even through one parent support
  • Learn to dialogue in restorative ways to secure connection and a sense of ‘belonging’
  • Make sense of behavior and create an environment that will provide more ease for everyone
  • Develop effective communication and empathy skills
  • Guide children with love, trust and confidence through the ups and downs

We currently offer parenting training intensive workshops and series locally in Washington, DC area, USA and expanding globally (France, summer 2014).

Parenting Series and Learning Circles: We offer 2-3 sessions throughout the year introducing parents, caregivers and educators to Compassionate Parenting with approaches based on Nonviolent Communication, Positive Discipline, Attachment Theory and the latest research on empathy and the brain. Parents who follow the sessions also are part of a strong peer-to-peer empathic support and receive journals and explorations along the series. See our current 8-week “From Power Struggles to Cooperation”.

Educators Group Coaching & Training:  An 8-week curriculum training based on Nonviolent Communication, Positive Discipline and Restorative Practices is offered for educators and school staff. Any materials can be presented in shorter version, introductions of 2-hours to day longs for team retreats or professional development days.

Deepening Series / Topic-Focus Trainings: We can customize any trainings using our approaches such as workshops on “Restoring Trust through Conflicts” , “Mediating Conflicts between Children/Siblings”, “Forming Family Agreements” with strong authentic boundaries and value-sharing, “Relating with my Teenager(s)”, “Video-Games, TV and other sources of conflicts” and more…

The following series are offered on a regular basis – check our Calendar of Events – and  available by request. Contact mali at or 202-257-3376 to coordinate a group session or series.


New Session starting in DC : Fall  2014. See Calendar of Events to register.


Learn the basics of compassionate and value-based parenting to enrich your guiding skills as a parent without using violence, threats and punishment in this eigh-part series.

  • Decode what’s behind your chidren’s behavior
  • Nurture cooperation
  • Give love without permissiveness
  • Shake off blocks to intuitive parenting such as anger, guilt and shame and draining beliefs of “the perfect parent” and the “good child”
  • Raise respectful and responsible children
  • Trust your own parenting style and advocate for your children


This four-part series helps you communicate effectively and respectfully, in joy, anger and embarassment.

  • Speak authentically without hurting other people’s feelings
  • Successfully have uncomfortable conversations to reach a shared understanding
  • Find a common ground and win-win solutions
  • Listen with more presence
  • Develop your empathic listening skills
  • Rise over sibling rivalry



This four-part series helps you overcome tensions, restore harmony by transforming opposition and power struggles into cooperation.

  • Overcome your own reactivity: get out of the guilt, blame and shame game
  • Transform conflict and power struggles into cooperation
  • Reduce tantrum intensity and frequency
  • Manage judgments and unsolicited advice from loved-ones and strangers
  • Engage in tough conversation with confidence and loving detachment
  • Learn to build bridges towards your child in difficult times



This four-part series help you sail through homework, bullying, peer pressure without going nuts

  • Make homework a breeze
  • Dance through stressful transition times with joy and ease
  • Support the emotional life of your child regarding school
  • Have satisfying conversation with the school team in difficult situations
  • Help your child cope with bullying and peer pressure


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