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Thank you to all who support me and my colleagues through this journey in making “Raising Empathy” my full-time work. It is a marathon to hold this vision and persist in keeping this as my life’s work. And I dream of being a full-time team one day to hold this vision together.

This is to date my most daring call to welcome opportunities from YOU, my community to support this work and the expansion ahead.

We are delighted to welcome training and circles requests and hope to continue saying “YES!” to all these requests.  And we wouldn’t be able to hold this value of staying connected to values/needs beyond the strategy of money without the support of all those who help us sustain ourselves in other ways.

We warmly welcome many strategies of support:

  • from energetic support (anyone interested in volunteering and learning on the go how to keep the Peace Circle offerings running?)
  • to supporting spreading awareness of our efforts and services: we mainly operate by words of mouths – thank you!!
  • to welcoming financial donations so we can continue to always accept anyone at any contribution levels to our trainings…
  • to any collaboration or ideas to enhance and sustain our offerings
  • to partnering with (a) non-profit organization(s) to help us welcome tax-deductible donations to support these projects.

And here are some Fall 2015 Update on the past current projects that we are developing:

NVC Intro and Restorative Practice Training Requests by Various Groups – I continue to accept all NVC intro requests at any budget.  Any extra support will help with overall sustainability and ability to continue this heart-work ahead and to say “yes” to all these requests.
Past projects include NVC intro trainings for DC Peace Team, Peace Corps, teaching Restorative Practices to American University Law Students who get to teach youths themselves in various DC public schools  (A two-hour intro was completed in Feb and a daylong in Aug with more requests for follow-up and a limited budget).
Upcoming confirmed projects are with a group of youths coming to DC to see the Pope (Intro to NVC, 4h training, Sept 2015) and a “Living Restoratively” Circle for volunteer mediators and staff at a mediation center in Maryland (Feb 2016).

Making our Offers and Support Affordable to All – We use the approach of Gift Economy if and when possible for most of our offers and set up any agreements with a dialogue around finding a win-win solution for all. Sometimes our ‘prices or price ranges’ are still steep for some and we have found that a call for scholarships to specific  upcoming projects can help us extend that YES even further.

So if you feel any sense of JOY to contribute towards our projects and sustainability, we welcome wholeheartedly your support.

For financial contributions, you can either email Mali or send money via Paypal at

In deep gratitude and interdependence,



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