One-on-One & Family/Group Coaching

Are you experiencing a lot of resentment and frustration in your family, with your children, your classroom or your workgroup? Are you tired and losing hope on connecting and collaborating as you desire while holding everyone with care, including yourself?

Create the change you want  to see happen in your family, classroom or team to find the connection and trust that will support cooperation and harmony with the support of a professional coach.

Our team has extensive experience in anger management, personal growth, empowerment and conflict management. We offer transformational coaching sessions combined with compassionate communication and non-punitive discipline tools tailored to your specific needs and challenges: whole family facilitation, group workshops, or individual sessions.

We offer in-person coaching in Washington, D.C., US as well as all over the globe via Skype and phone coaching.

  • Approach conflict with trust, confidence and new skills towards win-win solutions
  • Speak with authenticity, confidence and care
  • Manage reactivity and gain more inner clarity
  • Transform anger, guilt and helplessness into creative empowerment
  • Find your balance and empowered choice to move consciously forward
  • Experience more integrity and connection in your family or working group
  • Experience more positive interactions with your child/ren or partner/colleagues
  • Accompany the child/ren in your life towards maturity and responsibility

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Contact us to find out which package best fits your needs.

Individual Parent / Educator / Caregiver Coaching: Individual coaching focuses on giving you, the parent, educator or caregiver, the support and tools to become the empowering coach to the young ones in your care.  It primarily gives you more clarity, empowered responses vs. reactions and steps towards your greater goal to in turn allow you to turn towards others and give them the same support and approach. As you will often hear us, it’s about “putting the mask of oxygen on ourselves first!”.

Co-Parents / Family Coaching: one-on-one and/or partner coaching on parenting issues, from couple’s communication on parenting values, decoding your child’s behaviors, creating family routines and agreements that will hold all needs in the balance to identifying core triggers and solutions for the unique ‘hot buttons’ pushed in parenting situations.

New clients and referrals get a FREE 30-min consultation  to find your fit. Email mali at to schedule upcoming sessions.

Individual Sessions With Mali Parke

All pricing is subject to change and open for discussion. We want to hear from you: call us to let us know of your specific needs and we’ll explore specific monetary agreement.

Note: Coaching focuses on strategic planning, personal growth and growth in conscious awareness to increase responsive choices. It  does not attempt to heal trauma or deeper addictions as therapy can support. 

Mali Parke is an ICF Certified Professional Coach focusing on Empowerment and Restorative Relating. She loves to support individuals, families, youths, educators and teams who are looking to live life from an inspired, joyful and consciously empowered presence as well as improve relating with more collaboration and a restorative approach to transform conflicts. Mali offers workshops, one-on-one, family and group coaching, using work and approaches from Nonviolent Communication, Leadership That Works Coaching, Restorative Circles, Peace-Making Circles, Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Shadow Work and more with a specific focus on parenting, education, partnerships, relationships and individual empowerment. Read more about Mali’s work at and

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