Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We believe in human relationships where we go beyond the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ thinking to curiously approach differences and connect to the deeper internal motivations and needs and create bridges of connection.

We believe that all actions are attempts to express universal needs and values and that most conflicts happen at seemingly-clashing  strategies on the surface. We believe that connecting deeply with curiosity and empathy creates an opportunities for all needs to matter and find solutions that stick and work for everyone.

We believe that, at all ages, we are all striving to connect with authenticity and integrity to our inner wisdom, including respecting others’ needs and contributing to the well-being of the larger group, and that we can develop skills to value everyone’s needs and collaborate on creating strong agreements.

We believe that when a disconnect occurs, we can learn ways to empathically reconnect and repair the trust and connection, as well as take responsibility of our actions, without shaming, blaming or being motivated by fear of punishment or the gratification of rewards.

We believe that adults can support children and youth in building character, social and emotional skills as early as infancy through modeling, empowerment coaching, and empathic motivation.

We believe in compassionate support and empowerment of parents, educators, mentors and caregivers to remember their own intuitive and natural skills to coach youths the values they want to pass on.


The Peace Circle Center offers standard and customized programs to schools, groups, communities, organizations, parents to bring powerful and compassionate character-building, peacemaking, social and coaching skills.

The Peace Circle Center caters directly to youths and children through ‘Mom & Daughter’, ‘Dad & Son’, ‘Youth empowerment’, “Bullying Transformers’ mentorship groups and retreats.

The Peace Circle Center has a large community-building effort for interested parents, educators and ‘friends of children’ through DC-area social events, camping trips and annual summer camp partnerships.

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