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Mali ParkeCore To Coeur – Mali Parke Coaching
Mali works one-on-one as well as offer group coaching with a major focus on women empowerment, healing, peer-to-peer support. Her works is focused on rediscovering our wholeness and our inherent wisdom and power to be active compassionate change-makers in our families, our communities and the world.  She draws her approaches from her trainings in Coaching for Transformation, Peace-Making Circles, Nonviolent Communication, Shadow Work, Radical Self-Acceptance/Self-Compassion, Inner Wisdom Rituals.  Find out more about her Women Circles, Retreats as well as Holistic Business Entrepreneurs support or one-on-one Coaching.

Restorative DC
A Project of SchoolTalk

Restorative DC supports around forty DCPS and public charter schools in whole-school implementation of Restorative Justice practices and culture change. It does so through intensive, trauma-informed, collaborative, customized, onsite, and locally-based technical support in order to lower incidents of conflict and harm, reduce the use of suspensions and expulsions, increase school performance, and center the school community around relationships, inclusivity, and accountability.

Restorative DC offers monthly training and peer learning opportunities that are open to all DC public and charter schools, as well as the agencies and organizations that youth.

In partnership with the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the DC Office of Attorney General (OAG), Restorative DC provides restorative alternatives to prosecution such as Restorative Justice Conferencing.

Finally, Restorative DC supports local agencies and organizations, including the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, DCPS, DHS, and OAG, internally integrate restorative practices such as circles.


Family HEART Camp

FHC_logo-shirt-stackFamily HEART Camp is a unique community experience for all people who long for more HarmonyEaseAuthenticityRespect, and Trust in their families, in their communities, and in the world. Grounded in the principles of Nonviolent Communication, our camps offer an unforgettable lived experience of compassionate community, in places of natural beauty, for people of all ages. 2014 marks the Family HEART Camp community’s sixth summer camp season, expanding from our roots in northern Virginia to include camps in ColoradoWest VirginiaWisconsin and OhioFor a shorter and less expensive taste of compassionate community, we offer One Big Circle Weekends in selected locations.  www.familyheartcamp.org

DC Alliance For Restorative Practices (DCARP)CLOUD1
DCARP’s mission is to raise awareness around, advocate for, and support the integration of evidence-based restorative practices in DC’s justice and dependency systems, schools, and community based youth-serving organizations to foster community and more effectively address the impacts of harm. We envision a District that embraces restorative practices to collaboratively engage individuals and communities by responding to harm in ways that focus on needs, safety, accountability, relationship building, and personal growth. Anyone curious, interested or an activist in Restorative Practices is invited to join the discussion forum and receive alerts & news on the Yahoo!Group.

DC Peace Team Logo Color


 DC Peace Team

The DC Peace Team commits to creating and sustaining a community that cultivates the virtue of nonviolent peacemaking and key corresponding practices. We commit to empowering ordinary civilians to increasingly serve their communities particularly as nonviolent peacekeepers, and by extension as peacemakers and peacebuilders. We focus on cultivating trusting relationships, offering peace education and training in nonviolent conflict intervention as well as restorative justice, monitoring key areas of struggle in our communities, and accompanying school children through difficult neighborhoods. We are made up of passionate and skilled persons as well as member organizations such as National Homecomers Academy, Little Friends for Peace, and the Peace Circle Center. Join with us or let us know how we can help you! Contact:  Eli S. McCarthy, PhD
, esm52@georgetown.edu.

Little Friends for Peace
logoLittle Friends for Peace is a Mom-Dad team dedicated to teaching non-violence skills to young children with playful skill-building activities by training their adult and teen leaders.
LFFP teaches that acts of violence from playground put-downs, to family fights, to street crime, to international conflicts build on each other, from the ground up, like a house constructed off-balance—over time and mostly unknowingly. The way to break down violence is to learn peace at an early age . . . and to practice it at every age. LFFP offers youth summer camps and year-round programs in DC area schools and groups.
Projet Famille en Harmonie, Montréal – Peaceful Parenting and Compassionate Communication
with Mitsiko Miller – Coach, Speaker & Trainer

“I am a perfectly imperfect mother of two very lively boys, Henri and Thomas. With my bubbly cutie pies and my sweetheart of 18 years, we journey towards our harmony with our ups and downs, our tears and joy. I am deeply grateful to my spirited children who have taught me to mourn my past and perfectionism, slow down, enjoy the present moment, focus on gratitude, concentrate on what is most important, focus on authentic connection and embody the core values I hold dear: unconditional love, rich human connection, coherent living, curiosity, creativity, compassion and peace. I have been helping parents for more than eight years in various grassroots organizations that support families on their journey towards peace and harmony. I dreamed of nurturing compassion in families for years: I developed my own compassionate parenting project in Montreal, Projet Famille en harmonie, a space where parents and children have the opportunity to envision their harmony, and find their own creative ways of expressing it.”



DC Wellness Tree – a Holistic DC Community through Gift Culture
With Monica Hayes
DC Wellness Tree is intended to be an ever-evolving, dynamic network, which can foster meaningful connections, inspire conscious collaborations and create a thriving economy for DC’s diverse wellness community
Join the DC Wellness Facebook Group!

Growing Brains Logo June 2014


Growing Brains™
With Jessica Phillips-Silver, Ph.D.

Jessica Phillips-Silver, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist, educator, musician and mother. Jessica does research on the musical brain   at Georgetown University Medical Center in the department of neuroscience. Her research has been featured in USA Today,   Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Men’s Health, NPR, and Discovery Channel. Jessica is an international speaker and also teaches locally about the effects of music, the arts and early education on brain development. Jessica applies her skills to develop practices that integrate evidence from brain science into education and arts programming for hospitals, performing artists, schools and community centers. She bases her work on a set of core principles that underlie brain development, music training, self-regulation ability and creativity. Jessica’s framework outlines specific protocols that target the parenting of young children, the fundamentals of early education, and the use of music, movement and the arts in community development, preventative medicine and healing. Jessica is the owner of JPS Research & Education, LLC, and the founder of Growing Brains™.

Leora Ward HeadshotLeora Ward, Coaching
Healing in Service

After working for many years in the social justice, women’s empowerment, and humanitarian fields, Leora created Healing in Service to support women who struggle with self-love and balance. Healing in Service offers tailored coaching, workshops and weekend retreats that will bring women into a deep sense of power and freedom. Leora’s approach allows women to come home to themselves, find their voice, and live their desires in the outside world.

Leora’s services are uniquely crafted based on years of NVC study to each person’s needs and use a variety of compassionate communication as well as coaching techniques to bring more calm, stability, and flow into your daily life. Leora is a certified professional life coach through Coaching for Transformation and a graduate of the Bay Area NVC Leadership Program.

For more information or to contact Leora, please visit www.healinginservice.com


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