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New series on the foundations of Nonviolent Communication starts Feb 2nd – Early Bird ends Jan 25

Unknown-2Have you been interested in learning more about Nonviolent Communication, also called Collaborative Communication, and how it can impact your relationship to yourself and others?

“I believe the principles and techniques in Nonviolent Communication can literally change the world, but more importantly, they can change the quality of your life with your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your co-workers and everyone else you interact with. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
– Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

See more endorsements for NVC by famous authors like Deepak Chopra, Arun Ghandi, Marianne Williamsom, John Gray, Anthony Robbins… 

Intro Evening Only
Tuesday February 2nd , 7:45pm-9:30pm

8- Week Foundation Series (Includes Intro Session 02/02) – *Limited to 16 participants
8 Tuesdays, February 2nd-Mar 22, 7:45pm-9:30pm

In the intro, you will catch a glimpse of how a shift in perspective can enhance greater immediate compassion for yourself and others. Bring a recent situation/issue you will want to work on. It will be a presentation and interactive group session.

In the foundation series, you will learn how to connect with greater clarity and awareness to what motivates you and others behind words and actions, enhance your capacity to voice your true self and empathically guess what may be precious to others, strengthen connection and trust and explore the healing power of empathy on core beliefs and habits.

Here is what a previous participant said about this series:

“I completed an NVC foundation course with Mali this winter and it was simply transformative in both my personal and professional life. Mali’s presentation and grasp of the material, as well as her honesty and ability to teach it in an accessible and meaningful way was superb. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to create deeper and more meaningful connections in their lives.” K. – Ahimsa 2015 participant

Join us and see how this practice can change your life!

Read more and register here.

Join us on November 22 for Empathy Salon & Screening of “Growing Fairness”, a RJ documentary

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November Documentary Screening: “Growing Fairness”, a documentary on Restorative Justice

& Trailer Screening of “Taking Our Places”, upcoming documentary on Parenting with Mindfulness and NVC 

Saturday November 22, 7:00– 10:00pm

Offered by the Peace Circle Center and Co-Sponsored by Samsara House 2023 and the DC Alliance for Restorative Practices

7:00pm Empathy “Salon”

New Name! Previously called “Empathy Café” and offered since 2010 in Dupont Circle once a month during the school year, the gathering expanded these past few months to view documentaries focused on raising inquiries, diverse exchange and provoking new thoughts on social-change in various areas.

Using principles of nonviolence and compassion for ourselves, others and the world, based on the approach of Nonviolent Communication, Restorative practices, and collaboration, the “salon” is meant to be a place of connection, thougths exchanges and expanded curiosity for each other.

Capital NVC’s bookstore will be open during Empathy Salon. NVC cards of Feelings and Needs will be available for you to use for connection using, for instance,  “Empathy Poker,” where anyone can have a turn at sharing what’s most alive or in need of being heard and supported with empathy. Mali and possibly other facilitators of support/workshops around Nonviolent Communication principles will also gladly be available to asnwer questions and connect. (Note however that this is not a workshop and the primary vision for this evening is relaxed connection)

Dessert/Snack Potluck or Bring-Your-Own-Dinner is warmly welcomed around the documentary viewing.

If you’ve been curious about Nonviolent Communication, want to connect socially to build community, or just want to give or receive some heart-to-heart connection, come on out!

7:30pm Documentary Screening Starts –  followed by a group discussion

November Screenings:

Short Videos: “Taking Our Places” upcoming documentary trailer

Full Documentary Screening: “Growing Fairness“, a Teachers Unite documentary on Restorative Justice

Growing Fairness is a short documentary film about “growing” restorative justice in city schools. Often, passionate educators lead these cultural shifts in schools. Growing Fairness examines the historical and political context for their resistance against the norm. It also shares the voices of youth who have seized the opportunity to lead, transforming their schools and themselves in the process.

See trailer and more info at: http://www.teachersunite.net/documentary

And see questions pre- and post-viewing here for your own thought-provoking curiosity whether you attend or not:


What to Bring:
Yourself, your friend(s), a desert/snack to share, potluck-style or your own dinner. Hot water/teas will be available.

Music and movement sharing, as well as anything else supporting authentic connection, are all welcome in the later part of the evening.

Children are welcome under their parents’ care. Cooperative games and arts and crafts are available upstairs. Parents are asked to bring additional supplies, to cater to their children’s needs at all times and support clean-up at the end of the evening.

Offered by the Peace Circle Center and Co-Sponsored by Samsara House 2023 and the DC Alliance for Restorative Practices

Dupont Circle, NW Washington DC
Red Line Metro – Residential Street Parking
Private address given upon RSVP.


RSVP up to a day prior to the day you plan to attend at mali@peacecirclecenter.org or 202-257-3376 (call or text) if possible, so the house can be ready for you.

Contribution: Donation-Based. This event is joyfully offered as a gift. Any contribution given to support the event, the documentaries’ purchases/rentals and/or the Peace Circle Center and its sponsors works and visions is warmly welcomed. A donation jar will be available at the door.

For more ways to connect in community, check out:

Washington DC Area NVC Community Facebook Group

The Peace Circle Community Meetup.com or Facebook Page for parenting/education and whole-community events

About the Host/Facilitator

Mali Parke is an ICF Certified Coach focusing on Empowerment and Restorative Relating. She loves to support individuals, families, youth, educators, and teams who are looking to live life from an inspired, joyful, and consciously empowered presence as well as improve relationships with more collaboration and a restorative approach to transforming conflicts.

Mali offers workshops and one-on-one, family, and group coaching, using work and approaches from Nonviolent Communication, Leadership That Works Coaching, Restorative Circles, Peace-Making Circles, Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Shadow Work and more with a specific focus on parenting, education, partnerships, relationships, and individual empowerment.

Mali is an avid student and practitioner herself of all of these practices and is humbled to have the two greatest teachers in her life in the disguise of her children. You can usually find her with her two kids at any local NVC camping trip and summer camp and up for any acroyoga, dancing around a campfire, and playing with friends to co-create a loving and supportive community for all ages in the DC area.

Read more about Mali’s work and services at www.core2coeur.com and www.peacecirclecenter.org. She is a recurring contributor at the local DC area NVC organization, Capital NVC as well as the regional NVC community summer camp, Family HEART Camp.